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The Adults

Hank, My dad, rented this station wagon for our so-called vacation because his Audi wouldn't fit us and all our stuff. Dad works in telecommunications, and is what you’d call successful. It looks like Beka’s mom, Loraine, might be developing a thing for him.
Can I just say? Ick.
Kelsey's dad, Larry, drives this S.U.V.. He’s in commercial real estate and sees development possibilities everywhere he goes. He’d like to turn Plimoth Plantation into "The Landing—Cape Cod’s Most Exclusive Resort."
He’s nicer than this makes him sound.
So one day Larry’s fiancée, Carolyn, shows up in this convertible, causing a bit of a stir. This was supposed to be his Together Time with Kelsey and her brother, Josh.
The purple VW van belongs to Sharon, the tie-dye and Birkenstock-wearing proprietor of Farnsworth House.